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Order Policy & Shipping


RGUNS will NOT make any sales to CA, CT, NJ, NY state, county or local governments.
If we cannot sell to law abiding U.S. citizens, we will NOT sell to oppressive states.


RGUNS does not rent, sell, trade or in any way share credit card holder information with third parties.  Credit card holder information is protected by the use of encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) technology.

Some helpful hints on placing an order with RGUNS:


  1. Before you place an order for a firearm, please ensure that a current, valid and signed copy of your FFL is on file with us.  You can mail it in, you can fax it in, or you can email it.

    Mail it to:
    855 Commerce Parkway
    Carpentersville, Illinois  60110

    Fax it to:  847-428-0029

    Email it to:  rguns@rguns.net
    Placing an order for a firearm online without a valid FFL on file will result in order cancellation.

  2. You’re free to call or fax in your orders, but by far the most convenient, fastest and easiest way to order will by through the website.
  3. For call in orders, have your credit card in hand; we accept Visa , MasterCard and Discover.
  4. RGUNS will charge actual UPS shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii.  RGUNS shipping charges to the lower 48 states work as follows:
    • Firearms, major assemblies and upper receivers have a flat shipping rate of $20.00 each.
    • Lower receivers have a flat shipping rate of $20.00 no matter how many or how few you order.  For example, if you order one lower that costs $400.00, the total with shipping will be $420.00.  However, if you order 10 lowers that cost $400.00 each, the total, with shipping will be $4020.
    • Accessories, parts and miscellaneous items have a flat shipping rate of $15.00 no matter how many or how few you order.  For example, if you order one magazine that costs $40.00, the total with shipping will be $55.00.  However, if you order 10 magazines that cost $40.00 each, the total, with shipping will be $415.
    • Ammunition shipping rates are actual UPS cost for shipment to your location.
    • A few items, such as calendars, will deviate from these policies
    • The web ordering system is designed to automatically calculate shipping for these items
    • Due to current demand, the vast majority of orders are processed and shipped within one to three days after the UPS label is created. Credit cards are charged at the same time that labels are created.
  5. Some items have a quantity discount.  This will be reflected in the web shopping cart.
  6. Make sure you fill out ALL the information in the online shopping cart, including your phone number
  7. Purchaser agrees to use, store or sell any items purchased from RGUNS in a safe and legal manner.
  8. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.
  9. Returns.  If you want to return an item you have five (5) business days from date of receipt to do so.  To do so:
    • Call us and obtain a return authorization number (RA).  If you don’t get an RA, and you send an item back to us, we’ll take it – but you’ll be charged a 25% restocking fee.  We don’t want to do that, you don’t want us to do that, so please call and get the RA number before returning an item!
    • We will only issue an RA number if the item was
      • not as advertised;
      • not what you ordered; or
      • defective.
  10. Warranties: Warranty repair and/or replacement must go through the item’s manufacturer.
  11. Legal:  Don’t ask us to do anything illegal.  We won’t.  All federal, state and local laws apply – and that includes the NFA.
  12. Surplus ammunition is sold “as-is,” with no implied warranties.  Dates of manufacture may vary.
  13. AR uppers and lowers are shipped as separate items in separate boxes, and will be assessed shipping charges separately.
  14. Finally – thank you for your business and your continued support.

Ammunition Ordering Policy

It is the customer’s responsibility to abide by their local laws concerning purchasing ammunition. RGUNS.NET reserves the right to cancel any ammunition shipments.

By purchasing ammunition from RGUNS.NET you are agreeing to the following:

You are at least 21 years of age.
You are adhering to local, state and federal law pertaining to purchasing ammunition.
You are not under any investigation, indictment or been convicted of any crime which would prevent you from owning a firearm or ammunition.
You are not a convicted felon or fugitive from justice.
You are not an unlawful user or addicted to any controlled substances.
You are not a user of marijuana in any way even if legal in your state.
You are not an illegal or unlawful alien.
You have not been dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces or may be.
You have no renounced your U.S. citizenship and are a legal resident of the United States.
You are not a subject to a restraining order or have been convicted of stalking or domestic violence.

The following areas are prohibited from receiving shipments of ammunition from RGUNS.net. 

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York